Greetings and welcome to my new site!!! It's an exciting time around these parts as:


1. in my opinion due to Ludlow Kingsley's awesome talent and my blustery opinions, this is the prettiest site on the planet EVER made for one yurt-dwelling-design-loving writer-with-an-about-to-launch book. Period. Thank you Ludlow Kingsley!


2. I'm 31 days from my very first book launch!

It's December 21, the solstice, and I'm here in the yurt. It's still dark here at 7:08 am, as, you know, it's uh, the…Solstice, and I'm pretty far north here in Kelly, Wyoming. What you likely do not know about me, is, I live in a yurt park. You read that right. a Yurt Park. What's a Yurt Park? Well, my answer is, it's not just a dotting of yurts in an inholding of Grand Teton National Park. It's the most UNINTENTIONAL intentional community and most INTENTIONAL unintentional community you'll find west of the Continental Divide. We share a chunk of land, pay rent like a mobile home park, and co-mingle for chores in one very dilapidated bathhouse. You can shower there (at your own risk, water isn't drinkable), do your dishes, wash your clothes, and have jazzy and random conversations with your neighbors in the wee hours should it strike your fancy.

While it's a full-time community, a few yurtians (as we like to call ourselves) have headed to places like North Carolina and Bozeman to be with their families. Instead, I am happily installed here this holiday trying to get back on the fitness horse. I'm a Tracy Anderson devotee. I worship at the altar of her complicated (and ankle-weighted) leg lifts. Throw in some runs on the Kelly Loop Road with Harper Jane (my 5.9 pound four-legged who ALWAYS runs faster than I do) and a couple of skate skis and Megafrormer classes, and well, there you go. All this translates into being: 1/100th back to fitness and 100 percent back to soreness. Other fitness options in my particular potpourri of geography and movement: snowshoeing around Kelly, and trying to simulate cardio dance on top of my (winter required) buffaloe hides here in the yurt, As for the snow shoeing, Harper Jane (the aforementioned four-legged) is so small that this requires booties because what looks like a packed trail to you and me, is positively Everest to Harper Jane. I'm also waiting on some ice skates which will invariable lead to a face plant (or two) at the Kelly Elementary School make-shift rink.

So in the coming days, I will be reporting from this place, and from this place in me: a nervous (albeit excited) author, who's so grateful to be putting an actual book into the world. It's been a long time coming. I'm super indebted to the amazing folks at Penguin, i.e. Crown, i.e. Rodale Books for helping me birth this sexy beast— to Alyse and Christina and Connie and Tammy and Shauna and Danielle and Diana (it takes a village, you know :-)).

And when I say it's been a long time coming, I mean a loooooong time coming. Just ask one very kind and dedicated and beyond articulate Bill Clegg. Or just ask Coco. She'll give you the skinny. More on Coco later. Or better yet, pre-order the book and you will hear about her in the free advance excerpt!!!

Looking forward to all of this. And to you, dear reader, meeting you on the page.