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Megan Eaton Griswold has developed a mad-cap set of services designed to help others further the dream of their own becoming.
She does this in two ways. She calls the first: Writing In Service.
And the second, Curating Your Unfolding.

Writing in Service

Writing in Service

It's kinda like having a ghostwriter for your private life. I will write that letter you have been putting off, wishing it would just magically appear. Not to mention, you never imagined that there's actually somebody out there who could write on your behalf.

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Curate Your Unfolding

What do you crave for your life? That dream, so important that you keep it secret. When planning an expedition, preparation is key. First I do a comprehensive intake: your health, your relationships, where you've been, what you want. Next, I assess the best resources in your part of the world, given your constraints and ability to travel.

With a referral network spanning more than three decades, I then create a game plan. This service is not typically designed as an ongoing one, but check-ins are on occasion warranted. You will be thoroughly prepped to begin.

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Curate Your Unfolding